Ashley Wilburn, Hagerstown's Expert in Divorce, Custody & Child Welfare Law

Published Jul 17, 23
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With her extensive background in law, unwavering commitment to justice, and a compassionate approach to the needs of her clients, Ashley Wilburn is poised to make a lasting impact in the field of family law and mediation. Learn more about Ashley Wilburn.

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Ashley Wilburn, a native of Hagerstown, Maryland, proudly hails from North Hagerstown High School, where she completed her secondary education. With a deep-rooted passion for family law, Ashley's current legal practice revolves around various aspects of family law. She focuses her practice on divorce cases, alimony issues marital property division fights over child custody and child support arrangements. She also deals with the post-divorce and enforcement of issues, step-parent adoptions and private party adoptions as and concerns regarding child welfare. Ashley handles estate planning, wills, trusts and probate cases and civil, contract and commercial litigation. Learn more about Ashley Wilburn

Ashley has been as a mediator appointed by the court since the year 2019, assisting parties in helping to resolve their issues without need for litigation and court involvement. In addition to mediations that are court-appointed, Ashley also mediates in private matters for those who would prefer to avoid the court process and litigation.

After completing her undergraduate studies at Loyola University of Maryland, where she earned two bachelor's degrees in History and Political Science, Ashley pursued her legal education at Western New England University School of Law. She graduated in 2013 and was placed among the top 10 students of her class. During her time in law school, Ashley served as a Note Editor for the esteemed Western New England Law Review and demonstrated her dedication to legal scholarship and research.

Ashley began her clerkship after completing her law degree. She worked for renowned jurists from Connecticut and Maryland. She was privileged to serve as a law assistant for the Honorable Richard A. Robinson at the Connecticut Appellate Court and the Honorable Elliott D. Prescott. Subsequently, in 2014, she returned home to her hometown of Hagerstown to be a clerk for Honorable M. Kenneth Long at the Washington County Circuit Court, increasing her knowledge of the local legal landscape. Learn more about Ashley Wilburn

Ashley joined Poole & Kane P.A. in 2015 as an associate attorney. as an associate attorney. Her main focus was representing the Washington County Department of Social Services in cases involving child welfare. Through her tireless efforts, Ashley played a vital role in assisting children who had suffered abuse or neglect at the by their parents or caregivers. Her dedication to fighting social injustice was not limited to her legal career when she was an active member of the Washington County Human Trafficking Task Force. She was a tireless worker to raise awareness regarding human trafficking within the tri-state region.

In 2017 she was a founding partner at Kane, Wilburn & Stone, P.A., and developed her expertise in family law – divorce, custody, child maintenance and guardianships – as well as financial and estate planning - wills, trusts, power of attorney, advance directives/healthcare proxies and mediation.

Ashley founded Wilburn Law Office, LLC, 2023, with the intention of providing an individual approach to each client's needs.

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